3-hydroxybutyric acid

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A straight-chain 3-hydroxy monocarboxylic acid comprising a butyric acid core with a single hydroxy substituent in the 3- position; a ketone body whose levels are raised during ketosis, used as an energy source by the brain during fasting in humans. Also used to synthesise biodegradable plastics.
  • (1)-3-Hydroxybutyric acid
  • 3 HBA
  • 3-hydroxybutanoic acid
  • 3-Hydroxybuttersaeure
  • 3-OH-butyric acid
  • beta-Hydroxy-n-butyric acid
  • beta-hydroxy-n-butyric acid
  • beta-hydroxybutanoic acid
  • beta-Hydroxybuttersaeure
  • beta-hydroxybutyric acid
  • BHBA
  • DL-beta-Hydroxybutyric acid