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A Comprehensive Database of Published Microbial Signatures (published in Nature Biotechnology) is a community-editable Semantic Mediawiki knowledge management system. Its primary functions include 1. standardization of key elements of published microbiome studies using ontologies and the NCBI taxonomy, 2. searchability, 3. Enrichment Analysis using bulk exports, GMT files, or other software (e.g. bugsigdbr), and 4. community interaction: you can request an account, contribute or analyze, learn about the project, report issues, and ask questions on the #bugsigdb channel of the community-bioc Slack team. This collaborative effort aims to accelerate microbiome research by providing a comprehensive database of microbial signatures from published studies, along with relevant information on study design and geography, health outcomes, host body site, and experimental methods.

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Maturation of the gut microbiome and risk of asthma in childhood
Nature communications, 2018 | Feces | Asthma | Denmark


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  • 1085 studies
  • 5220 signatures
  • 2105 unique taxa
  • 30 host species
  • 80 locations
  • 172 body sites
  • 401 conditions
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