3-methylbenzyl alcohol

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Encoded by HOXC6 Gene (ANTP Family), 153- and 235-amino acid (27-kD) Homeobox C6 Protein isoforms are highly conserved sequence-specific DNA-binding homeobox transcription repressors that can cooperate with other HOX proteins and may contribute to the breast cell phenotype through co-operative interactions. As part of a developmental regulatory system that provides anterior-posterior positional identity to cells, HOXC6 may regulate the coordinated expression of multiple genes involved in morphogenesis and differentiation. (from LocusLink, Swiss-Prot, OMIM, and NCI)
  • CP25
  • HHO.C8
  • Homeobox Protein 3C
  • Homeobox Protein C6
  • Homeobox Protein C8
  • Homeobox Protein CP25
  • Homeobox Protein HHO.C8
  • Homeobox Protein Hox-3C
  • Homeobox Protein Hox-C6
  • Homeobox Protein HOXC6
  • HOX3C
  • HOXC6