Acro-pectoral syndrome

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Acro-pectoral syndrome is characterized by a combination of distal limb abnormalities (syndactyly of all fingers and toes, preaxial polydactyly in the feet and/or hands) and upper sternum malformations. It has been described in 22 patients from a six-generation Turkish family. It is transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait and the causative gene is located at 7q36.
  • acro-pectoral syndrome
  • acropectoral syndrome
  • acropectoral syndrome
  • ACRP syndrome
  • Dundar Acropectoral syndrome
  • Syndactyly - preaxial polydactyly - sternal deformity
  • syndactyly, preaxial polydactyly and sternal deformity
  • syndactyly, preaxial polydactyly, and sternal deformity
  • syndactyly-preaxial polydactyly-sternal deformity syndrome