Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis

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A viral infectious disease that results_in inflammation located in conjunctiva, has_material_basis_in Human coxsackievirus A24 or has_material_basis_in Human enterovirus 70, which are transmitted_by contaminated fomites or transmitted_by contact with contaminated hands. The infection has_symptom vascular dilation, has_symptom eyelid edema, has_symptom photophobia, has_symptom redness of the eyes, has_symptom watering of the eye, has_symptom conjunctival congestion, and has_symptom superficial punctate epithelial keratitis.
  • acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
  • Apollo disease
  • Conjunctivitis, Acute Hemorrhagic
  • Epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
  • epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
  • viral conjunctivitis