Adult-onset dystonia-parkinsonism

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Adult-onset dystonia-parkinsonism is a rare neurodegenerative disease usually presenting before the age of 30 and which is characterized by dystonia, L-dopa-responsive parkinsonism, pyramidal signs and rapid cognitive decline.
  • adult-onset dystonia - parkinsonism
  • autosomal recessive Parkinson disease 14
  • autosomal recessive Parkinson disease type 14
  • autosomal recessive Parkinson's disease 14
  • dystonia-Parkinsonism Adult-onset
  • dystonia-Parkinsonism, adult-onset
  • Dystonia-parkinsonism, Paisan-Ruiz type
  • dystonia-parkinsonism, Paisan-Ruiz type
  • hereditary late onset Parkinson disease caused by mutation in PLA2G6
  • PARK14
  • Parkinson disease 14, autosomal recessive
  • PLA2G6 hereditary late onset Parkinson disease
  • PLA2G6-related dystonia-parkinsonism