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Wednesday 10 AM EST[edit]

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Date Name Topic PMID
07/27/2022 Sharmila Chunduri The Diversity of Gut Microbiome is Associated With Favorable Responses to Anti-Programmed Death 1 Immunotherapy in Chinese Patients With NSCLC 31026576
08/03/2022 Ifeanyi Kalu I have Challenges in the Installation of BugSigSimple and the use of the function
08/10/2022 Jacquelyn Shevin Oral and Gut Microbial Diversity and Immune Regulation in Patients with HIV on Antiretroviral Therapy 32024712
08/17/2022 Joyessa Dey Capstone Presentation
08/31/2022 Joyessa Dey Capstone Proposal Presentation
Mary Bearkland PMID 35727391
09/07/2022 Mary Bearkland PMID 30711862
09/21/2022 Ifeanyi Kalu Capstone - Data Analysis Plan
Mary Bearkland PMID 32425919
09/28/2022 Jessica Shudy Capstone - Introduction
10/05/2022 curatedMetagenomicData Workshop