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Thursday 10 AM EDT[edit]

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5/24/2023 Jacquelyn Shevin 32161568 and 35035709 Gut Microbiota Altered in Mild Cognitive Impairment Compared With Normal Cognition in Sporadic Parkinson's Disease and An analysis of the characteristics of the intestinal flora in patients with Parkinson's disease complicated with constipation
6/1/2023 Frans Cuevas 26179554 Colonic bacterial composition in Parkinson's disease
6/1/2023 Jacquelyn Shevin 34650532 Cross-Sectional Study on the Gut Microbiome of Parkinson's Disease Patients in Central China
6/8/2023 Danya Birnbaum 32236123 A cross-sectional pilot study of birth mode and vaginal microbiota in reproductive-age women
6/8/2023 Atrayee Samanta 31151886 and 23491408 Sociodemographic variation in the oral microbiome and Comparison of the respiratory microbiome in healthy nonsmokers and smokers
6/15/2023 Atrayee Samanta 24629344 The treatment-naive microbiome in new-onset Crohn's disease
6/22/2023 Atrayee Samanta 32717152 Respiratory Tract Dysbiosis Is Associated with Worse Outcomes in Mechanically Ventilated Patients
6/29/2023 Jacquelyn Shevin BugSigDB analysis on Parkinson's Disease
6/29/2023 Andre Nana 25484919 The conjunctival microbiome in health and trachomatous disease: a case control study
7/6/2023 Atrayee Samanta 33013704 Correlation Between Fecal Metabolomics and Gut Microbiota in Obesity and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
7/6/2023 Jacquelyn Shevin Cleaning temporal data and BugSigDB analysis update
7/20/2023 Atrayee Samanta 32046455 The Vaginal Microbiome as a Tool to Predict rASRM Stage of Disease in Endometriosis: a Pilot Study
7/27/2023 Jacquelyn Shevin Trouble-shooting Nephele data in RStudio
7/27/2023 Andre Nana 25699023 Microbiota disbiosis is associated with colorectal cancer
8/3/2023 NO MEETING - BIOC 2023
8/10/2023 Andre Nana 37542310 Salivary microbiome profiles of oral cancer patients analyzed before and after treatment
8/10/2023 Atrayee Samanta 27474122 The skin microbiome is different in pediatric versus adult atopic dermatitis
8/17/2023 Andre Nana 36203175 Salivary microbiome in children with Down syndrome: a case-control study
8/17/2023 Atrayee Samanta Body site specific analysis of microbiota in healthy subjects
8/24/2023 Mary Bearkland PMID 37586456 Ocular microbiome changes in dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction
8/24/2023 Atrayee Samanta 29808701 Oral Microbiome in HIV-Infected Women: Shifts in the Abundance of Pathogenic and Beneficial Bacteria Are Associated with Aging, HIV Load, CD4 Count, and Antiretroviral Therapy
8/31/2023 Andre Nana 24370189 Changes of saliva microbiota in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients under chemoradiation therapy
09/07/2023 Mary Bearkland 32931939 Ocular surface microbiota in patients with aqueous tear-deficient dry eye
9/07/2023 Jacquelyn Shevin Capstone Proposal Worksheet
Mary Bearkland| |29172724| |The Influence of Age and Sex on Ocular Surface Microbiota

in Healthy Adults| ||