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Thursday 10 AM EDT[edit]

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10/26/2023 Mary Bearkland 34900990 Metagenomic Analysis Reveals the Heterogeneity of Conjunctival Microbiota Dysbiosis in Dry Eye Disease
Yoon Ji Jung 37182146 Long-term follow-up of colorectal cancer screening attendees identifies differences in Phascolarctobacterium spp. using 16S rRNA and metagenome sequencing
11/16/2023 Mary Bearkland 37803284 Metagenomic analysis of microbiological changes on the ocular surface of diabetic children and adolescents with a dry eye
11/30/2023 Yoon Ji Jung 37894412 Mucosal Microbiome in Patients with Early Bowel Polyps: Inferences from Short-Read and Long-Read 16S rRNA Sequencing
11/30/2023 Andre Nana 34897759 The gut microbiota profile in psoriasis: a Brazilian case-control study
11/30/2023 Andre Nana 37960281 Association between Gut Microbiota and Breast Cancer: Diet as a Potential Modulating Factor
12/14/2023 Yoon Ji Jung 35888992 Targeted Analysis of the Gut Microbiome for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment Individualization in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease
12/21/2023 Peace Sandy 32192080 Microbiome Profile of Deep Endometriosis Patients: Comparison of Vaginal Fluid, Endometrium and Lesion
01/04/2024 Andre Nana 38006691 Gut microbiome predicts gastrointestinal toxicity outcomes from chemoradiation therapy in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
01/11/2024 Chioma Onyido 31530647 Altered Fecal Small RNA Profiles in Colorectal Cancer Reflect Gut Microbiome Composition in Stool Samples
01/11/2024 Peace Sandy 31076212 Tobacco exposure associated with oral microbiota oxygen utilization in the New York City Health and Nutrition Examination Study
01/18/2024 Andre Nana 28538949 The Follicular Skin Microbiome in Patients With Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Healthy Controls
01/25/2024 Andre Nana 38243297 Sex-specific differences in intestinal microbiota associated with cardiovascular diseases
02/01/2024 Chioma Onyido 31794002 The association between smoking and gut microbiome in Bangladesh
02/01/2024 Peace Sandy 36678227 Postoperative Probiotics Administration Attenuates Gastrointestinal Complications and Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis Caused by Chemotherapy in Colorectal Cancer Patients
02/01/2024 Esther Afuape 31917273 The impact of NBUVB on microbial community profiling in the lesional skin of vitiligo subjects
02/08/2024 Peace Sandy 34444813 The Associations between Diet and Socioeconomic Disparities and the Intestinal Microbiome in Preadolescence
02/08/2024 Esther Afuape 36870237 Gastrointestinal tract involvement in systemic sclerosis: The roles of diet and the microbiome
02/22/2024 Peace Sandy 37438797 Metagenomic assessment of gut microbial communities and risk of severe COVID-19
02/22/2024 Chioma Onyido 32046455 The Vaginal Microbiome as a Tool to Predict rASRM Stage of Disease in Endometriosis: a Pilot Study
02/22/2024 Chioma Onyido 28714953 Gut Microbiota is critical for the induction of chemotherapy-induced pain
02/29/2024 Esther Afuape 30919073 The oral microbiome of patients undergoing treatment for severe aplastic anemia: a pilot study
02/29/2024 Chioma Onyido 31951695 Microbiome and diversity indices during blood stem cells transplantation - new perspectives?
03/28/2024 Esther Afuape 38374114 Favorable subgingival plaque microbiome shifts are associated with clinical treatment for peri-implant diseases}
04/11/2024 Joan Chuks 38479397 Longitudinal profiling of the microbiome at four body sites reveals core stability and individualized dynamics during health and disease