The gut microbiome composition associates with bipolar disorder and illness severity/Experiment 1

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Location of subjects Country from which study subjects were recruited
United States of America
Host species Species from which microbiome was sampled (if applicable)
Homo sapiens
Body site Anatomical site where microbial samples were extracted from according to the Uber Anatomy Ontology
Feces Cow dung,Cow pat,Droppings,Dung,Excrement,Excreta,Faeces,Fecal material,Fecal matter,Fewmet,Frass,Guano,Matières fécales@fr,Merde@fr,Ordure,Partie de la merde@fr,Piece of shit,Porción de mierda@es,Portion of dung,Portion of excrement,Portion of faeces,Portion of fecal material,Portion of fecal matter,Portion of feces,Portion of guano,Portion of scat,Portionem cacas,Scat,Spoor,Spraint,Stool,Teil der fäkalien@de,Feces
Condition The experimental condition / phenotype studied according to the Experimental Factor Ontology
unipolar depression Depression,Depression, Emotional,Depression, Endogenous,Depression, Involutional,Depression, Neurotic,Depression, Unipolar,Depressions,Depressions, Emotional,Depressions, Endogenous,Depressions, Neurotic,Depressions, Unipolar,DEPRESSIVE DIS,DEPRESSIVE DIS MAJOR,Depressive Disorder,Depressive Disorder, Major,Depressive Disorders,Depressive Disorders, Major,Depressive Neuroses,Depressive Neurosis,Depressive Symptom,Depressive Symptoms,Depressive Syndrome,Depressive Syndromes,Disorder, Depressive,Disorder, Major Depressive,Disorders, Depressive,Disorders, Major Depressive,Emotional Depression,Emotional Depressions,Endogenous Depression,Endogenous Depressions,Involutional Depression,Involutional Psychoses,Involutional Psychosis,MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DIS,major depressive disorder,Major Depressive Disorders,Neuroses, Depressive,Neurosis, Depressive,Neurotic Depression,Neurotic Depressions,Paraphrenia, Involutional,Psychoses, Involutional,Psychosis, Involutional,Symptom, Depressive,Symptoms, Depressive,Syndrome, Depressive,Syndromes, Depressive,Unipolar Depressions,unipolar depression
Group 0 name Corresponds to the control (unexposed) group for case-control studies
healthy controls
Group 1 name Corresponds to the case (exposed) group for case-control studies
Group 0 sample size Number of subjects in the control (unexposed) group
Group 1 sample size Number of subjects in the case (exposed) group

Lab analysis

Sequencing type Experimental technique used for quantifying microbial abundance
16S variable region One or more hypervariable region(s) of the bacterial 16S gene
Sequencing platform Manufacturer and experimental platform used for quantifying microbial abundance

Statistical Analysis

Statistical test Statistical test or computational tool used for differential abundance testing
Logistic Regression
Significance threshold p-value or FDR threshold used for differential abundance testing (if any)
MHT correction Have statistical tests be corrected for multiple hypothesis testing (MHT)?

Confounders controlled for Confounding factors that have been accounted for by stratification or model adjustment
age, "sex and body mass index" is not in the list (abnormal glucose tolerance, acetaldehyde, acute graft vs. host disease, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, adenoma, age, AIDS, alcohol consumption measurement, alcohol drinking, ...) of allowed values for the "Confounders controlled for" and body mass index

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Source: table 2

Description: the gut microbiome composition associates with bipolar disorder and illness severity

Abundance in Group 1: decreased abundance in bipolar

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