Temporal association between human upper respiratory and gut bacterial microbiomes during the course of COVID-19 in adults/Experiment 1

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Location of subjects
Host species Species from which microbiome was sampled. Contact us to have more species added.
Homo sapiens
Body site Anatomical site where microbial samples were extracted from according to the Uber Anatomy Ontology
Oropharynx Mesopharynx,Oral part of pharynx,Pars oralis pharyngis,Oropharynx,oropharynx
Condition The experimental condition / phenotype studied according to the Experimental Factor Ontology
COVID-19 2019 novel coronavirus,2019 novel coronavirus infection,2019-nCoV,2019-nCoV infection,beta-CoV,beta-CoVs,betacoronavirus,coronavirus disease 2019,SARS-coronavirus 2,SARS-CoV-2,severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2,severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infectious disease,β-coronavirus,β-CoV,β-CoVs,COVID-19,cOVID-19
Group 0 name Corresponds to the control (unexposed) group for case-control studies
Healthy controls (Group H)
Group 1 name Corresponds to the case (exposed) group for case-control studies
Non-COVID-19 patients (Group NP)
Group 1 definition Diagnostic criteria applied to define the specific condition / phenotype represented in the case (exposed) group
6 COVID-19 patients, 10 non-COVID-19 patients, 2 healthy controls
Group 0 sample size Number of subjects in the control (unexposed) group
Group 1 sample size Number of subjects in the case (exposed) group

Lab analysis

Sequencing type
16S variable region One or more hypervariable region(s) of the bacterial 16S gene
Sequencing platform Manufacturer and experimental platform used for quantifying microbial abundance

Statistical Analysis

Statistical test
Significance threshold p-value or FDR threshold used for differential abundance testing (if any)
MHT correction Have statistical tests be corrected for multiple hypothesis testing (MHT)?

Alpha Diversity

Pielou Quantifies how equal the community is numerically
Richness Number of species