Sensitive Quantitative Analysis of the Meconium Bacterial Microbiota in Healthy Term Infants Born Vaginally or by Cesarean Section/Experiment 1

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Location of subjects
Host species Species from which microbiome was sampled (if applicable)
Homo sapiens
Body site Anatomical site where microbial samples were extracted from according to the Uber Anatomy Ontology
Meconium Meconium
Condition The experimental condition / phenotype studied according to the Experimental Factor Ontology
cesarean section caesarean section,cesarean section
Group 0 name Corresponds to the control (unexposed) group for case-control studies
vaginal delivery
Group 1 name Corresponds to the case (exposed) group for case-control studies
Group 0 sample size Number of subjects in the control (unexposed) group
Group 1 sample size Number of subjects in the case (exposed) group
Antibiotics exclusion Number of days without antibiotics usage (if applicable) and other antibiotics-related criteria used to exclude participants (if any)
No information about pre-delivey duration. 3 Vaginally-delivered infants have been exposed to antibiotics (birth to sampling)

Lab analysis

Sequencing type
Sequencing platform Manufacturer and experimental platform used for quantifying microbial abundance

Statistical Analysis

Statistical test
Fisher's Exact Test
Significance threshold p-value or FDR threshold used for differential abundance testing (if any)
MHT correction Have statistical tests be corrected for multiple hypothesis testing (MHT)?

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Source: Table 2 & Figure 2

Description: Count and detection rate of bacterial groups in meconium of vaginally and ceasarean born babies

Abundance in Group 1: decreased abundance in C-section

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Lactobacillus gasseri

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