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Irem Kahveci (Turkey, 2023)[edit]

I am one of the students taking part in the BugSigdb project in the preliminary phase of the internship in collaboration with Bioconductor-Outreachy in the 2023 Spring semester. At the same time, I am currently a 4th-year Molecular Biology and Genetics student at Abdullah Gül University in Turkey. When I searched for my name on the internet, I saw it among the people who were thanked for their contributions to the Bugsigdb project article. This made me very proud and increased my motivation. That's why I'm writing this e-mail to thank you. Thanks to Bugsigdb, I understood ontology terms and databases better. In this way, I became the first undergraduate student (along with my teammate) to write a project based on ontology for the EMR2023 congress and receive a presentation acceptance at this congress. I had the opportunity to meet Vincent Carey at this congress, and it made me very proud to say that I took part in your project. Likewise, thanks to ontology, we wrote a project with my advisor about fingerprint ontology, and this received support from many institutions in my country (TÜBİTAK-ASELSAN), and our task is currently continuing. I say these for this reason: the ontology relationship in your project and what you taught me lit a light in me, and I walk with this light. Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in your Bugsigdb project. I hope one day I can be a scientist like you.

Best regards, Irem Kahveci (User:Kahvecirem, Special:Contributions/Kahvecirem)