From BugSigDB

I'm Chinelsy, an Outreachy intern who made it to the contribution phase. I have a diverse background, combining expertise in both science and technology. My academic journey began in plant science and biotechnology.

During my studies, I explored topics in plant biology like genetics and applications of biotechnology, where I did a lot of projects using bioinformatics tools. My passion for understanding nature led me to pursue a master's in environmental impacts of human activities at the University of Lagos.

After school, I transitioned into the tech industry as a Node.js software developer. My scientific research and analytical skills have proven valuable in this role. Beyond work, I maintain connections to my roots in the natural sciences and environmental stewardship.

I believe the intersection of technology and sustainability has the potential to address human health challenges. I'm looking forward to contributing to the BugSigDB project by aiding in the curations of biological assays and connecting with my project mentors and fellow interns.