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Note there was a malformed URL in your edit of talk:Pages with missing NCBI ID: I find it helpful to use their "link" button to get the link formatting right. Also it's better to format it as an internal link if it's on than as an external link.- Thank you Levi. I'll use that next time. Good to know.

I'm curious - does this change you made to add ideopathic rapid eye movement actually add the new value for Condition? I'm not sure how Condition is actually functioning right now.--I just tested but looks like it still hasn't updated. Previously this used to take some time after adding a new condition to this list. We couldn't find an EFO ontology term for this condition. I'll check again and update you. - thanks Fatima! FYI there is an open issue about how values for matched on and confounders will be set, and I'm not sure what the current situation or resolution will be: